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Lake Decker Report- Jan 18, 2019

Lake Decker Bass Fishing

Yesterday I fished with some great clients out at Lake Decker. Travis and his young son wanted to get out on the water together while they had the day off for President's day. Originally they were thinking of going to Lake Travis, but with the cold and windy forecast we opted for Decker. The focus of the trip was learning more about fishing, learning some new techniques, and teaching them about locating fish and tips to have a better day on the water. Travis' son was only 9 but he picked things up quick! We went over some tips on how to cast a spinning rod a little better and how to work a bait when it gets windy.

Lake Decker is also still in the mid 50's but there are some fish up somewhat shallow. The pattern out there hasn't changed a lot, I have been focusing on points and grass lines that have that healthy green hydrilla. You will snag plenty of grass out there but a lot of it this time of year is brown and dead. When you find those patches of green healthy grass you are in the right spot.

Worms produced the most fish for us yesterday. A drop shot is very effective rig this time of year. I use an Owner 1/0 riging hook that I Texas rig the plastics with. This is my ideal way to rig it to help move through the grass easier without getting snagged. Once you feel the grass loading up on the bait just give it a little pop with the rod tip and it should come free. This can actually have a similar effect to ripping a rattle trap, it can trigger a reaction strike.

We did toss around a 1/2 oz red trap yesterday but with it being so windy a heavier drop shot was a lot more effective. Decker fishes well when it is cold out. It does get a little tougher in heavy winds as its not very protected, but we lucked out and the wind was manageable.

Lake Decker Bass Fishing

We caught good numbers as well as a couple bigger fish. I had a lot of fun teaching Gavin about bass fishing and seeing his excitement when we would net the fish. If you have a son or daughter who you'd like to be your future fishing buddy, lets get out there! All it take is patience and some instruction and any kid can pick up fishing. The fishing is good on Decker right now, and Travis will pick back up once we get some warm weather.

Give me a call if you would like to get out there!

Tight Lines!

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