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Lake LBJ Report- Feb 26th

Lake LBJ Bass Fishing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with Chad, an angler here in Austin from Michigan. He was here while his fiancee was busy with work, so he got to go fishing while she sat through work conferences! haha This trip was a bit of a last minute trip but over a couple of text messages we decided on fishing Lake LBJ.

As you probably already know, especially if you read my last report, Lake LBJ was filled back up to full pool earlier this week. The draw down is now over and as of today the lake is back to 100% capacity. I won't like I'm going to miss how easy it was to get baits up under the docks with it being so low... back to having to skip with great accuracy.

Lake LBJ was around 56 degrees in the main lake. We did not find any fish on beds, but after this warm weather you may find a few. Unfortunately mother natures is a bitch and the low on Sunday is going to be in the 30's... so any fish that do move up to make beds are likely to pull off and go back to deeper water. Mark my words though, but the end of next week we'll be fishing beds. The weather should stabilize and these fish are itching to make some babies.

Double on Lake LBJ

We caught our fish using a couple techniques. Square bills are still producing fish and should for a bit longer. I'm still sticking with the craw colors, but I have also had luck with shad patterns cranks with chartreuse on them. The other bait that has been working well is a drop shot fished around mid depth rock piles. Find those rock piles in 12-18 feet of water and look for bait near by. You may catch fish even without seeing schools of bait, but it may not be quite as good.

Today I spent the day doing some boat maintenance and changing my oil. I'll probably hit up Lake Travis tomorrow, but we'll see. I am booked up Friday- Tuesday so I'll be out on the water plenty.

I do have next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday open... the weather should be a lot better and the later part of the week should be good fishing. Give me a shout if you would like to get out there on the water.

This is the time of year when not only is the fishing fun, but we can spend the day covering multiple techniques in depth and teaching you more tips that will help you the next time you are on the water.

Gar we snagged with a crank bait!

Tight Lines!

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