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March 30, 2019 Lake Travis Fishing Report

Lake Travis Fishing Guide- Client with big bass

Lake Travis is starting to get good finally! I have a feeling that topwater bite is right around the corner too.

Last week was super busy with a lot of trips booked. Lately I have been fishing so much I haven't had time to write as many of these reports. My last trip was a blast though, and definitely deserved a fishing report. I had a gentleman from Nebraska who was here in Austin on vacation. He booked a last minute evening trip on Lake Travis. Jeff was a great fisherman and made things easy on me! haha When clients can cast accurately and already know how to work a bait it makes things so much easier. We can work on the intricacies of fishing a certain technique and cover more about where and why to fish that particular bait.

Right now a weighted fluke in watermelon has been killing it! Slow down with it and let is sink to the bottom. I love this bait since it fishes very weedless, has a good hookup ratio as long as you set the hook hard, and has a slow rate of fall.

Rocky shorelines with flooded brush have been best. Especially shorelines that are not overly steep. We caught a lot of fish, but Jeff really wanted to hook a big one. If you fish Lake Travis you know that catching big fish is totally doable but not a guarantee during a 4 hour fishing trip. Towards the end of the day we hooked into a hammer!

I seriously wish I had gotten this on film. As I was looking down messing with baits I hear a super loud snap! As I look up I see my rod Jeff was fishing in pieces and fishing line everywhere. I didn't know what happen until he said he set the hook and it busted... then he realized the fish was still on. At this point he threw the rod down and grabbed the fishing line. I kid you not he starts pulling in the line and this monster fish jumps! Somehow she still had the hook in her mouth. He got her to the boat and she takes off again. That bass tried wrapping itself around the trolling motor and jumping on the other side of the boat when she went under. Finally he gets her to the surface... right at the moment I get the net under her the hook flies out of her mouth. This was the one that didn't get away! The was just a little shy of five and a half pound and put up one heck of a fight. Definitely made for a good fish story too.

Big Lake Travis bass

Next week is a busy one for me, right now I am booked every day but I do have several evenings open. Right now the evening bite is starting to heat up. The later part of the week once the weather warms back up should be good. If you can sneak away from work an hour early you can totally fit in a half day evening trip! Trust me, nothing makes it easier to get through the work week than a mid week fishing trip. I would love to be the Austin fishing guide you hire to get you out there!

Lake Decker is still fishing well too, so don't forget about that lake.

Tight Lines!

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