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Lake Travis Fishing Report- April 12, 2019

Lake Travis special

Wanted to give y'all a quick report from this evening. I'm fishing Bass Champs tomorrow on Lake Belton, so I'm going to make this brief.

I fished Lake Travis this evening from 3:30 until dark. My client Chase today wanted a fishing guide that puts an emphasis on teaching and coaching. I love these kinds of trips! Fishing is my passion and I enjoy teaching others what I know. We covered bass patterns, baits, and a deep explanation of each area we fished and why we were fishing it and with which baits.

So today we had terrific numbers! We probably caught 25 bass and lost a ton. We had a bunch of short bites too... I went through at least 5 extra Keitech's just because they were biting the tail off it.

Couple baits you need tied on... a weightless fluke. Its that time of year that they are keying in on bait fish patterns. My preferred color right now is Arkansas Shiner from Zoom. But honestly any natural colored bait will work just fine. Stick to natural colors in clear water like Albino, Pearl, or any shiner patterns. Fish it weightless or with a small belly weight. Rip the bait like you would the same cadence as a jerkbait. Isolated cover like bushes produced a ton of bites.

The other bait I have been using a lot are small Keitech's. A small lead head with a stout hook is all you need. You can throw it with a belly hook around cover if you prefer, but your hookup ratio will go down slightly.

In all honesty today was a dink fest. We had one spit the hook that would have been at least three pounds, but we didn't run into any bigs today. But that's how Lake Travis goes sometimes, it's notorious for those 13-15 inch long bass. Numbers have been good the last few trips, so if you have kids you want to get into fishing, now is a fun time to get them on some fish.

There are a lot of qualified fishing guides in Austin but I try to separate myself with the quality of equipment you get to use... all of my rods are top of the line Dobyns, and all my reels are Shimano. I throw good quality Seaguar and Power Pro fishing line to try and ensure your best chance at landing that fish of a lifetime.

I also put a great emphasis on coaching and education. Any guide can put you on fish, its what we do! haha if you want someone to bait hooks and take fish off the line there are plenty of guides. If you want to get better at fishing and are passionate about it as I am, give me a call. I will work hard to not only put you on fish, but give you tools to use the next time you are on the water by yourself.

Give me a call! I have several days open next week. The evening bite has been really good on Travis and LBJ, especially if you want to throw a frog! Get out there after work and let some stress out.

Tight Lines!

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