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Lake Travis is on Fire!!! April 16, 2019 Fishing Report

Lake Travis Largemouth Bass

Today I had a fun trip with a family from Boston here in Austin on vacation. Today was their last day in Lakeway so they decided to hire a fishing guide and try their luck at bass fishing.

We left the dock around 7:30AM and headed up river. Right now the fish are keying in on shad, if you read my last report not much has changed. There are some schooling fish out there, but there are also plenty of fish up shallow.

Today was extremely windy, even early in the morning winds were around 10 mph... by the end of our trip there were big swells and white caps on the lake. Usually I hate when it gets this windy, but right now the fish are loving it! Shallow (by that I mean not 50+ feet like most places on Travis haha) coves with brush in them are good. We started with flukes, but I switched a couple of my clients today over to Keitech's on a round ball head. They are not nearly as weedless but the hook up ratio went way up and it helped put more fish in the boat. Stick to natural colors and don't work the bait too fast. A steady medium retrieve is just fine.

Lake Travis fishing guide

We caught a TON of fish today and had a bunch jump off. Setting the hook and keeping pressure on the fish were things we were working on today. haha If you want to get out there and catch a bunch of fish now is the time. You have to weed through a lot of little ones, but there are some big ones mixed in there. If you want to get your kids hooked on fishing let's get out there and create some memories!

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