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Lake LBJ Fishing Report- April 20, 2019

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone spent the day with their family celebrating Jesus' resurrection!

Yesterday my old college fishing partner Connor and his dad joined me for the day on Lake LBJ. We have some history on this lake and its a favorite of ours. A few years ago we fished a club tournament with the guys from the Baylor Bass Fishing Team. It was a two day tournament on Lake Stillhouse then LBJ. The first day we put up something like 16 pounds on Stillhouse then the next day crushed everyone on LBJ! I think our best 5 went like 23 LBS. See pic below!

Big Bag From Lake LBJ

It's been a very long time since we have fished together and an even longer time since I've fished with his dad. We set out from the yacht club around 6:45am and headed for some willow grass (or whatever that stuff that grows just on the edge is called) We started out throwing frogs but didn't get any blow ups. We switched over to some docks with jigs and pretty quickly caught two and lost another at the boat.

The jig bite up under docks has been the best by far. If you are proficient at skipping and pitching a jig lets get out there! I'm telling you there are some big ones up shallow in those hard to get to shady spots.

From here we bounced around to a couple spots with lily pads trying the topwater bite... the air temps that morning got down to 45 degrees and I think that cold snap may have hurt the topwater bite. It was pretty good last week so my guess is that as long as the over night temps don't get super cold and drop the lake's surface temp you should be good sticking with a topwater bait.

Lake LBJ bass fishing

Like I said, the jig bite has been good and that's what we caught all our good fish off of.

Time for a fish story, we did lose a solid 5 pounder at the boat when it jumped. But the real fish story comes from fishing that frog. I was up in a canal and around noon with the sun up high I decided to fish that frog one more time. I only had one blow up on it, but damn was it BIG! I saw this fish's entire mouth inhale my frog and she was a monster! She took the frog under, I waited and set the hook and had her for a sec. Sadly she was really far away from the boat and even with all the pressure I could put on her she managed to pull free when she wrapped me up in the pad stems.

We did get on a grass bite late in the afternoon but the dock bite was the ticket.

Connor with our big fish for the day

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin reach out to me and lets set something up! I would love to work with you to put together the perfect trip and exceed your expectations. Whether you want to take your family fishing, introduce your kids to the sport, or would like a one on one bass coaching session, I can make it happen!

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