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Lake Travis Fishing Report- April 22, 2019

Rachel with a big Lake Travis Striper

Monday my girlfriend had the day off from work since Georgetown ISD had off for Easter. We finally got out on Lake Travis for a lake day and to do a little fishing. Rachel is a heck of a lot better looking than any of my clients, so I'm always happy to put her on some fish! haha

The fishing is still very good on Travis. The shallow fluke bite is starting to slow down. With that said, I have not spent a ton of time looking for other areas or throwing other baits up shallow trying to get on that bite again. It's so easy to get bit fishing offshore right now. Those Keitech swimbaits I talked about are still the trick! One new tip though, make as long of a cast as you can downwind and feed the bait line and let it sink to the bottom. I found a lot of schools Monday were down deep.

Eventually you will see those fish move to the surface and start busting shad and that's when you can burn a bait across the surface. I expect the topwater bite to get good in a few weeks. I have not started throwing a spook yet, but it's only a matter of time.

The surprise of the trip was a big Striper that Rachel caught. I'm very proud of her... she set the hook, fought it, and got it to the net all by herself! I have been getting a lot of requests for Striper trips. If you are interested please message me with your phone number and I will add you to my list once they start schooling. Around July they move down to the basin and school around the thermocline and the fishing is phenomenal. Right now they are too spread out and catching them consistently is tough. I pride myself in putting my clients on fish, and right now I can't stay on them long enough to put enough in the boat. You catch one and by the time you net it, the school is gone and you spend way too much time trying to find them again.

Lake Travis largemouth bass

If you are looking for a Lake Travis fishing guide give me a shout! Let's get you out there on some fish!

I especially recommend bringing your children right now. The type of fishing we will be doing works really well for putting kids on fish.

Tight Lines!

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