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Awesome Day on Lake Travis!- April 25, 2019

Travis with a 4.7 from today!

Today's fishing trip was to Lake Travis with an old client and friend Travis Smith. We headed out of Cypress Creek this time as its more protected than Mansfield Dam launch ramp and is a little further up lake. Today it didn't make a difference, the weather was amazing! Stark contrast to the lightening, wind, and torrential downpour we had yesterday. But then again its Texas.... if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.

Today was a lot of fun, it was a steady pick throughout the day of largemouth bass. We never were able to wail on a school of fish like I have been in the past. There was one area in particular I was marking TONS of bass. I'm talking 20+ identifiable dots on the downscan, textbook largemouth schools. We caught a couple out of it so I know they were bass, but we tried twice during the day to fire them up but no luck. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and throw some spoons at them and see if we can get a reaction bite.

Despite this the swimbait bite made up for it! Like I said, it was just a constant pick throughout the day throwing small Keitech's. If you are headed out there this weekend find structure with shade near it or just the shady side of the structure. Experiment with a fast or slow retrieve, you'd be surprised sometimes they will hit it when you burn it in. Today a more medium paced retrieve did the trick.

We boated 25-30 bass and lost plenty more. We had easily double that in followers that wouldn't commit or would just bite the tail. Travis landed the big fish of the day with this 4.7 pound largemouth bass!

There is a lot of bait fish in the lake right now, and schools of bass all over. Use your sonar and graph those typical spots of yours. Usually I discourage fishing "spots" but right now all those textbook bass hangouts like docks, ledges, points, etc all are holding fish. It's just a matter of getting them fired up. For me the swimbait and a 6XD have been the best producers, but definitely experiment.

A couple baits I will be messing around with this week... a chrome rattle trap, a flutter spoon, and under spin, and a scrounger head. I will report back with my findings but if you get out there and throw them before me let me know if they bite!

I will be out there tomorrow! My client yesterday made the decision with me to reschedule since the weather was absolute crap. I am so glad we did, it wouldn't have been safe. The forecast for tomorrow looks a lot more promising!

There are a lot of great fishing guides on Lake Travis, but this is my home lake. I live in the Four Points area and am minutes away from the lake. I'm out there a lot and am always on the pulse of the lake. I would love to be able to teach you something new about the lake that might help your success rate in the future!

Please give me a call or hit that convenient book online button and let's get you on some fish!

Tight Lines!

21 foot Skeeter bass boat you will be fishing from!

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