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Even Teachers Skip Class!

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

This Tuesday I had the pleasure of taking out Megan and her family on Lake Travis. Megan is a teacher at the same school my girlfriend teachers at, so the pressure was on to put them on some fish, otherwise I would have been in trouble with the gf! haha

We got a little late start due to some wrong turns on the way to the lake, but once my clients got to the lake we immediately headed out. As luck would have it as soon as we started running up river I could see a wall of water ahead of us. The weatherman finally got the forecast right and predicted rain accurately. We ended up hiding out under a covered marina for about twenty minutes waiting on the rain to settle down. After that it seemed like it would rain every-time we would make a move. Around 9:30 AM the rain finally stopped and the clouds parted and gave us a beautiful day.

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Often times a big change in weather creates a drop in barometric pressure, something that bass react to. This is why fishing right before a big storm can be good, and the day after the front passes when you get blue bird skies, it can be tough to even buy a bite.

The pattern is very much the same as all my other recent fishing reports. The bass on Lake Travis will continue to school like they are for several more weeks. Once the shad spawn is over and the schools of bait fish move out deep the bass will finally pack their bags and head to their summer hide outs.

We bounced around the lake going as far up river as Lakeway. Fishing docks was the ticket and we really lit them up on a few places. It was such a fun trip, I lost count but for fear of over exaggerating we caught at least 35 bass.

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Another little tip for yall... I alway talk about Keitech Easy Shiner swimbaits. I absolutely love those baits but they are very soft and lately with the high numbers and most fish coming off swimbaits I have been going through a ton of them. I have played around with the Z Man bas shad swimbaits... I am not paid to endorse them, but I freaking love them! I typically keep three spinning rods rigged with small swimbaits this time of year... so far I have yet to replace a swimbait!!! That's right, since I have started using them each bait has caught a ton of fish and I haven't had to do anything but super glue the bait to the lead head on one. Just a little money saving tip for yall. If you are a fellow fishing guide give them a try, it will save you some cash and I think the action of them is just as good.

If you are reading this report and have been considering hiring a fishing guide in Austin, I highly encourage you to do so ASAP. I know I always say something similar, and I do work hard to always stay on fish to ensure your success. However right now the fishing is easy! It fits well with my strengths as an angler and the fish are feeding up after the spawn.

I don't mean that just anyone can go out and catch a mess of fish right now, but if you know the areas holding fish and the pattern to run, you are guaranteed to catch some! Right now you are basically paying me for my knowledge and time I have spent on the water figuring out where there are consistenly schools of bass.

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

To give you an idea, I fished the TTZ Tuesday nighter (stay tuned for that report... I may or may not have won it!) and when I casted an A rig along one dock I hooked one bass and had a school of over 15 fish follow it out from under! So exciting to see!

Give me a call and let's get you out on the water while the fishing is good and the weather is nice.

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