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Evening Bite on Lake Travis! 5/30/19

Lake Travis fishing guide

Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with Kevin and Aaron out on Lake Travis. They booked a PM half day trip, and the bite did not disappoint.

If you are not an early riser, definitely consider the evening bite right now. With the exception of the weekends (due to the heavy boat traffic) the evening trips are fishing as good as the morning trips. They are perfect for taking off work a little bit early and unwinding some stress. I offer them from 4pm- 8pm so you'll be off the water right as it gets dark.

The bite has been very consistent and I have most of my spots dialed in. The pattern has been fishing those small swimbaits around docks, make long casts and let the bait sink out 3-5 seconds depending on the depth of the dock.

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

I also am still throwing Alabama rigs, although lately the single swimbaits have been working better.

If you are out there late and are fishing the lit docks, consider throwing a neko rigged senko, one with a very small nail weight in it. Usually I throw them weightless, but those deeper docks have been producing the larger fish. That little nail weight helps get it down to the bottom quicker without killing the falling action... don't use an actual neko weight, those are too heavy.

If you are considering booking a fishing guide please give me a call and discuss your expectations in a trip. This trips with Kevin was more of a learning trip, he has his own bass boat and fishes often, but wanted to lessen the learning curve. I am an open book when it comes to guiding and don't hold back with instruction.

Give me a call and lets get you on the water!

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