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Lake Decker Fishing Report

Sunday I had a 3/4 day trip on Lake Decker. My clients were here in Austin for a business conference and had some time to kill!

Decker is also still fishing good, but I would advise getting there early. We started the trip at first light at 6AM and the frog bite was on!

We did miss quite a few blow ups, if you struggle with waiting a few seconds before setting the hook, I advise you bend out the hooks on your frog to make it easier to hook the bass. We started the trip with a top water frog and a buzzbait.

My biggest tip would be to make accurate casts and get your bait up close to those reeds. When your frog goes over a hole in the grass make sure to pause it, then twitch it again, then pause it. A lot of times those holes in the grass are where the big bass are sitting.

The other bait that did a lot of work for us was a weighted fluke. The hydrilla is very thick on the lake right now and a weedless bait is a must. In the mornings you can get away with fishing it fast so don't be scare of that.

Once it got later in the morning we moved off and fished some deeper weedlines. Those Texas rigged dropshots are always a good idea out there. Pumpkin with some chartreuse dye worked the best.

Lake Travis is also fishing very well right now, but if you want to get on a good frog bite let's get out to Lake Decker!

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