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Epic Father's Day Fishing on Travis!

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

I have been so busy its not even funny! But I wanted to take a sec to at least throw one new Travis report up for yall.

I fished Travis Saturday PM, Sunday AM, and Sunday PM with different half day trips. While skill level of the anglers fishing with me does make a big difference, the PM evening trips are by far the best bite lately.

Saturday's trip was fantastic, we probably had 20 fish with one around 5.5 lbs. Seemed like everything we were catching were chunks! I bet our best 5 would have gone 15 LBS.

Right now you can get on some schooling fish, but there is definitely a little luck involved. We happened upon a school of bass busting shad off a windy point that was SUPER busy... like boat wakes from all directions. If you know where to look you can find some schoolers, but again its not a consistent game plan.

On the other hand, throwing drop shots and wacky rigs along wind blown bluff walls has been money. Those walls that get pounded by the wind and boat wakes are prime right now. With that said, all bluff walls on Travis are not created alike. Knowing what the bottom is like beneath the waterline is very helpful in finding the ones holding fish.

If you would like to learn a little more about what I look for and how I fish them give me a shout.

Also, if you are reading this and want to catch some Striper, send me a message. I'm not joking at all, book a trip asap. I have not started advertising this since I simply have been too busy guiding for bass, but I am on an AMAZING Striper bite. I am refraining from posting any photos in an effort to avoid any competition on the lake. Last year I had several boats follow me to where I fish and park right on top of me... don't want that again.

If you are looking for one of the top fishing guides in Austin and one of the best on Lake Travis give me a shout! The fishing has been good and there is some much I can teach you!

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