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Lake Travis Bass Fishing Report- 10/10/19

Lake Travis Largemouth Bass Fishing Report- October 10th 2019

The bass fishing on Lake Travis has continued to improve! Water temps are down a bit... 82-83 is mostly what I have been seeing, but early in the mornings it's a little cooler in some areas.

This week I have fished everyday, both the lower and and the upper end around Pace Bend. There are several consistent patterns I have been finding that are putting fish in the boat.

Top water baits have been really good in certain areas. There are a few marinas that I have been finding schooling fish in early in the morning. Not all marinas are equal right now. Yesterday I went to the Reserve Marina since I was on the upper end and there were no schooling fish there. If you visit and purchase my Lake Travis report I have a pin in there showing you exactly where I have been finding them. A clear spook and a sexy shad colored sexy dawg have been best.

The drop shot has also been doing work per usual! Several of my larger fish this week have been caught off bluff walls throwing this. Depth is a big deal, so not all bluff walls are fishing the same. Also look for brush growing along them. When they are on the bluff wall you are fishing you can almost call your shots when you find a big bush underwater.

Crankbaits have also been producing, rocky areas close to deep water are holding bass up around the brush. Those transitioning fish are moving up from the creek channels to feed on shad and other bait fish species. Throw a square bill or a spinner bait around the stick brush and work it as close to the brush as possible.

The fishing has been really good lately, no joke. The pic above was from a trip with one of my old fraternity brothers last Tuesday and we caught 12 on top water within the first hour of fishing. The deeper bite is also good, so there are several patterns we can work on learning.

If you are considering hiring a fishing guide in Austin for Lake Travis, now is a great time to get out there. Before it gets super cold, but while the fish are in their fall transition, get out on the water!

Click that "book online" tab of my site to see what days I have open! I have a couple dates open next week, but after that is a little more hit or miss. I am selling my boat, and may have a few days of down time between getting the new one and getting it ready to guide.

Tight Lines!

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