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January 5, 2020 Lake Travis Bass Fishing Report

Lake Travis, Austin, TX Fishing Report

Rachel and I with our tournament bag

Lake Travis continues to fish really well! During the winter the bite typically slows down a bit, but with this warm winter we have been having the bite has actually been really good.

With that said, its not like it was early fall where you could throw a bottle cap in the lake and catch a fish. Knowing how to fish to the conditions is key right now. Wind, temperature, and barometric pressure all have an affect on how the bass behave. Knowing how to adapt to these chances makes a huge difference in how many fish you end up with at the end of the day.

Austin Fishing Guide

Baits To Throw

Finesse Baits

Finesse baits have been best for putting a limit in the boat. Ned rigs and drop shots are always good baits on Travis. With its steep banks, clear water, and rocky topography they work well. Fish a heavier ned rig (By heavier I mean 1/5 ounce) and make long casts and work the bait all the way back to the boat. Fish slow and maintain bottom contact the entire time. This bait is best around the really steep drop offs. Despite its light weight, its shape helps it get to the bottom quickly... let it fall on a slack line with your bail open when you let it get to the bottom.

Crankbaits, Jigs & Tubes

If you are searching for a bigger bite I recommend a medium diving crankbait, football jig, or... shhhh this is our little secret... a tube! Yes, during the winter I love to throw a tube bait, Texans hardly ever seem to throw tubes, but they are an excellent bait to throw on bluff walls where there are a lot of crawfish. Green pumpkin tubes with some scent sprayed inside them work very well this time of year on Lake Travis. When rigging up a new tube I like to dip the lead head in smelly jelly, or spray some Hawg Tonic on it before sliding it up into the head of the tube.

Natural colors like Green pumpkin and watermelon have all been working very well if you are throwing worms. When fishing up river where the water is more stained I have been adding chartruse dye to the bait. If you are fishing Travis and the bite is a little tough, slow down and fish deeper. On the days when the bite is a little tougher I have to put in a little more work to find the fish. Deeper and fishing slower always seems to be the answer.

Central Texas Fishing Guide

As far as crankbaits go... I like something with a smaller body style. Storm Wiggle Warts, Bomber Flat A, or a Strike King 1.5 Flat Side (this is a medium diver not a squarebill) are great baits to be throwing right now. When fishing these focus your casts on ambush points. Rocks sticking out further than the rest, a pipe in the water, a corner of a dock, a small bush... anything different about the bank can attract a fish. The first photo in the report was from a tournament my girlfriend and I fished today. The majority of my fish came off a crankbait following this pattern. If you would like to know exactly where I caught them, check out my report on

Lake Travis Largemouth Bass

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Central Texas on Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, or Lake Decker give me a shout! Austin has some excellent bass fishing and I would love to show you a good time and put you on some fish while we are at it!.

Give me a call or feel free to use my convenient online booking feature.

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