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Fishing Lake LBJ During a Draw Down

Lake LBJ Fishing Guide

Lake LBJ Bass Fishing Guide- Tips on Fishing the Draw Down

As of January 2020 the LCRA lowered the lake level of Lake LBJ by 4 feet. They do this in order to give property owners a chance to work on their docks and make repairs caused by last years flooding. When they drop the lake the fishing is always FIRE!

My theory is that bass that typically are up under the docks and are harder to get to, are forced to move out from under these docks and stack up on rock and the deeper docks that are left in the water. LBJ has some big bass in it, and the draw down just makes them easier to catch!

A couple tips for you: you will notice that 75% of the shoreline is just a muddy bottom with that snot grass covering it. While there are exceptions to this, the fish tend to not prefer this kind of shoreline. I look for shorelines that are adjacent to deep water, have rock on them, or have docks on them that are still in the water. 4-10 feet deep is kind of the sweet spot.

(Check out this video from my last trip on Lake LBJ)

Bass like cover, so if there is any isolated structure around they tend to gravitate towards it. As you are fishing keep your eyes peeled for anything different about the shoreline and focus your casts on that.

You really only need to have a few rods on your deck. A jig and a red squarebill crankbait will to 90% of the work for you. Cover water and fish fast, but once you locate some fish slow down and cover that area thoroughly.

If you would like to get on the water now is the time to do it! LBJ will only be like this for a few months before they fill it back up. Don't wait! Hit that Book Online button and lets get on the water!

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