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Lake Travis Mega Bag! February 22, 2020 Fishing Report

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Lake Travis has been on fire this week! We have had some lousy weather with high winds, cold temps, and rain. Despite this the fish were on the chew this week!

I had a trip with Brad, a client who came all the way from Michigan and booked two days of fishing with me. We had a blast both days and broke his PB on the first trip. We wanted to get a photo to remember the awesome trip and time he had. On Facebook some morons were giving me crap about putting 9 fish in the livewells. So to those of you who complain about "stuffing livewells" or holding up a bunch of fish in each hand for a fishing pic. Take your soap box elsewhere, I don't care if I hurt your feelings. The fish were all released fine and swam off away strong. I would not do this in the summer, but when the water is cold and I have two big livewells with an oxygenator in my Skeeter, I don't see the issue.

Water temps on Travis are still in the mid 50's. With that said, we are super close to these fish getting in that pre spawn mode. I would be willing to bet you'll see bass on beds within the next week to 10 days if we get some warm weather for several days in a row. Once those water temps rise up above 60 degrees expect to find bass up shallow.

The fish I have been catching this week though are not pre spawn fish. These fish have been deep and are not on typical pre spawn spots. Shameless plug... if you would like to know where I caught these fish, has my honey hole report with where and what I caught these fish on!

I will tell you one thing though, the wind is a HUGE deal. When it's blowing these fish start feeding and are easier to pattern.

These photos were from back to back days of fishing. Conditions were very different both days. The photo with all the big ones was an amazing day of fishing in some of the shittiest weather I have been in in a while. I just bought a new Skeeter and it sits a little lower in the water than my i Class did. I had waves coming over the bow while I was sitting on the trolling motor. Despite this the fish were feeding like crazy. It was so much fun!

The second day was much nicer, but still windy. Once the wind died so did the bite. Pay attention to wind direction and focus on areas that are getting hammered by the wind. That's where the fish will be.

I expect this bite to last a little while longer, but once those fish start moving up and getting in pre spawn mode I would expect the pattern to change.

If you would like to get out with me, shoot me a message. I have next Thursday open as well as a couple afternoon slots next week. The evening bite is honestly one of my favorite times to fish this time of year. The bass like the warmer weather, so in the evening its already warmed up and you get into that prime bite time... money!

Also, as I mentioned you will now be fishing out of a 2019 Skeeter FX21 LE... this thing is my dream boat. It is so nice! Trust me, you'll love it.

If you are looking for an Austin fishing guide please don't hesitate to call me or book via the website.

Tight Lines!

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