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Lake Travis Bass Fishing Report- March 1, 2019

Lake Travis Largemouth Bass

Lake Travis is on the verge of busting wide open! Spring is here and as you know, this is the time of year the bass spawn. Many anglers look forward to this time of year as it typically offers the best fishing, and the best chance at catching a big one.

I have been booked up nearly everyday this week and everyday next. The fish on Travis are still pre spawn right now, with water temps around 56-58 degrees these fish have not quite moved up on beds. The weather forecast shows temps in the 70's all week, so I guarantee you that this week we will start finding fish up shallow.

I encourage you to his the "Articles" section of my site and review the write up I did last spring about how to target spawning bass. The spawn will last for several weeks as not all bass spawn at once. They spawn in waves and different populations of fish in various parts of the lake move up shallow at different times.

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Until they do so, let me leave you with a few tips. Target those areas just outside of spawning coves. These fish are moving up to that mid depth range, 8-20 feet in preparation of spawning. Funnel points, bluff walls before you get into a large cove, secondary points, and docks at the mouths of spawning coves are all great places to try.

There are a variety of baits you can catch them on right now, but today a green pumpkin football jig did the most damage. My client had never fished with a jig, so I grabbed a jig rod out of the box and said "today's the day". Within 15 minutes he had his first jig fish! We continued to fish and throw other baits and I kept him with the jig. We quickly figured out that was part of the pattern and switched to that. Big fish of the day ended up coming on the jig.

We found one area in particular that really produced well with several nice fish, several bites and a couple lost fish... very productive area! I will make that Pin #1 in my Lake Pro Guides report this week. I expect fish to be there for a while as it is a staging area for fish moving up shallow. It will replenish itself as more and more fish move up.

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I am almost booked solid this week, however I have a few evening trips open. Honestly the evening trips are my favorite since by that time of day the water has already warmed up and the fish get more active. Some of my best trips this time of year are in the afternoon.

I also have several openings the week after, so if you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin give me a shout. My specialty is guiding on Lake Travis, so if you want to learn that lake I promise there is a ton I can teach you! I also have a new boat, so come on out and check out my new Skeeter FX21!

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