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Best Free Places to Fish from Shore on Lake Travis

Best Free Places to Fish from Shore on Lake Travis

By: Tyler Torwick: Austin, TX Fishing Guide

Lake Travis is the second largest reservoir in the Highland Chain of lakes made up by the Colorado River. Impounded in 1942 by the construction of Mansfield Dam, Lake Travis provides flood control, hydro electric power generation, and most of the drinking water for the greater Austin area. In addition to the important economic role it plays for Austin and its surrounding Hill Country towns, it boasts some of the best bass fishing in the area.

Lake Travis is home to healthy populations of Largemouth, Guadalupe, and Striped bass among other non-game species. While the majority of Lake Travis’ shoreline is private property, there are several places on the lake you can access for free or for a small fee that are great to fish from.

Mansfield Dam Park

4370 Mansfield Dam Park Rd. Austin TX, 78732

Mansfield Dam Park is located on the south end of Lake Travis directly next to the dam. With ample parking and plenty of open shoreline there are plenty of places to fish. I recommend starting off the point that extends furthest into the lake. The steep drop off around this point attracts fish and often holds good sized schools of bass. There is also a protected cove at this park that is roped off with buoys to keep boats out. This cove gets very little fishing pressure and during the spring holds good numbers of fish up shallow.

Tom Hughes Park

12714 Hughes Park Rd, Austin, TX 78732

Tom Hughes Park is located near Marshall Ford Marina and is a very popular swimming and hammocking spot. Located on the lower end of the lake, this fishing spot has a steep rocky shoreline. During times of the year bass on Lake Travis get close to the shoreline and hug these rocky banks in search of crawfish and other forage species. Dropshots, shakey heads, and Texas rigged plastics work well here.

Windy Point Park

6506 Bob Wentz Park Rd, Austin, TX 78732

Windy Point Park/ Bob Wentz Park is a great location to take your family and introduce them to the sport of fishing. With tables and barbeques it is a nice place to sp