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Information About Lake Travis - Water Level, Water Temperature, Lake Map, Open Boat Ramps

Mansfield Dam Boat Ramp at a Low Lake Level

Lake Travis is the gem of the Hill Country. With notoriously clear water, beautiful rolling hills and scenery, and great fishing it is no wonder millions of people annually come to visit this lake. In this article I've compiled some helpful information about the lake.

Lake Travis Lake Level

Lake Travis Lake Level - This link will take you to a daily updated chart showing the lake level of Lake Travis. Tip: lake levels are measures in Mean Sea Level aka MSL, Lake Travis is considered full at 681 MSL

Lake Travis Water Temperature

Lake Travis Water Temperature: This link will take you to the Lake Travis Test Station's website. The University of Texas operates a research station on the lower end of Lake Travis and publishes a lot of helpful information about lake temps, air temps, barometric pressure, etc.

Open Boat Ramps on Lake Travis

Lake Travis Boat Ramps: This link will take you to the LCRA's website with a list of all open/ closed boat ramps on Lake Travis.

Map of Lake Travis with Mile Markers

The above maps is of Lake Travis and is helpful for learning the names of various landmarks as well as the mile marker locations. Lake Travis is approximately 62 miles long and has buoys in the middle of the channel every mile starting at the dam. A lot of people refer to certain parts of the lake by the "mile marker" number. This map will show you all of them! I have also included it below as a free download so that you can see the full size version, which is easier to zoom in on.

Map of Lake Travis
Download PDF • 13.64MB

The cliffs of Lake Travis near Pace Bend Park

Exploring Lake Travis: Lake Travis consistently ranks high on my list of preferred lakes, especially when I'm introducing novice anglers or planning a fishing trip with kids. This lake boasts an abundant population of Largemouth Bass and the native Guadalupe Bass. The prevalence of bass in this lake, ranging from the smaller Guad's to potential monster largemouth, makes it an ideal location for those looking to reel in some action without extensive experience. Lake Travis also holds the promise of hooking into some giants, the lake record of 15.3 pounds was set just a few years ago!

Diverse Fishing Opportunities at Lake Travis: Depending on the season, the fishing tactics employed at Lake Travis can vary. The lake's crystal-clear waters call for finesse techniques and lighter lines, which tend to yield consistent results throughout most of the year. Employing a drop-shot rig, shaky head, or Ned Rig is a reliable strategy that not only attracts plenty of bites but can also entice some of the larger bass that reside there. While finesse fishing works especially well, power fishing techniques such as crankbaits, swimbaits, and topwater lures also produce well. During the warmer months, turning to topwater lures like a 6th Sense Dogma or Catwalk can be incredibly effective in deceiving the larger bass lurking beneath the surface. As the colder months set in, the focus shifts to techniques such as using a football jig or opting for a suspending jerkbaits and spybaits.

Client with a big bass near Mansfield Dam park

Adventures All Year Round: Lake Travis offers a fishing experience that's not confined to a single season. The lake's ample population of smaller bass ensures a steady flow of action, making it a prime location for those eager to engage in angling adventures year-round. Whether you're introducing someone new to the world of fishing, taking your kids on a memorable fishing expedition, or a seasoned angler seeking both quantity and the possibility of landing a true lunker, Lake Travis caters to a variety of preferences and skill levels.

In Pursuit of a Trophy Bass: The element of surprise is what truly sets Lake Travis apart. With its mix of abundant smaller bass and the potential for trophy-sized largemouth, the lake keeps every cast suspenseful. Whether you're testing finesse tactics or experimenting with topwater lures, Lake Travis has the potential to make your next fishing trip unforgettable. Whether you're aiming for frequent action or that exhilarating encounter with a true monster, Lake Travis proves itself as a fishing destination that consistently delivers exciting results.

For more information about my guided fishing trips, rates, and my availability, please visit the Book Online page of my website.


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