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The Best Free Places to Fish from Shore in Austin, TX

Here in Austin, Texas we are fortunate to have several large public lakes around with great fishing! While I offer guided bass fishing trips on Lake Travis and Walter E. Long Lake (aka Lake Decker) I get clients reaching out all the time asking for recommendations on places to fish from shore. Whether you're out beating the bank for a few hours after work or introducing a young angler to the sport of fishing, finding new honey holes is a blast! In an effort to make fishing a little more accessible to everyone, especially any new Austinites scrolling the internet looking for new fishing spots, I have created this list.

This list is compiled of everything from ponds I have heard of online to places I have found myself. Please fish these spots at your own discretion, never trespass or fish without permission. Things change and what might have been legal to fish at one point may not be anymore. I also encourage you to practice catch and release when fishing small ponds. Be a good steward of these spots and they will keep producing for years!

Would you like to ensure you catch fish, get to fish with top of the line tackle, and fish from a tournament rigged bass boat? Consider booking a trip with me! Not only will I put you on fish, but I will teach you as we fish and shorten that learning curve.

Austin, TX Bank Fishing Spots

Cedar Park Costco Pond

4601 183A, Cedar Park, TX 78613

This pond is located next to the Costco in Cedar Park. It has nice paved trails around it making it easily accessible. It is full of grass too! Years ago a friend of mine caught a 5 pounder out of here!

Twin Lakes YMCA Pond

204 E Little Elm Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613

This small lake is part of the YMCA. I recommend stopping in the front office just to double check on permission before entering. I've fished here in the past with no problems though.

Muir Lake / McCann Park and Trail

2301 Dijon Dr, Cedar Park, TX 78613

There is a small park over here with a trail that runs along the lake behind the apartment complex.

Sage Grouse Pond

Sage Grouse Dr, Austin, TX 78729

This is a little neighborhood pond that looks pretty fishy! It's not very big, but sometimes these kinds of ponds are the most fun.

Meadow Lake Park

2901 Settlement Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665

This is a small lake in Round Rock with a park next to it. Easily accessible and a great place to take your family.

Old Settlers Park

3300 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

Another easily accessible park pond in Round Rock.

Quarries Park

11400 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78759

This is a nice little park in central Austin. I believe they ask you to pay a small lake use fee at the Christian Center next to the lake.

Manor Rd Pond

3801 Tilley St, Austin, TX 78723

This is a drainage pond off of Manor Rd. over by Morris Williams Golf Course. It looks to have a little trailer around it and is next to a neighborhood.

Southwest Greenway Pond

2501 Tom Miller St, Austin, TX 78723

This is another little pond in the Mueller area worth bank stomping!

Mueller Lake Park

4550 Mueller Blvd, Austin, TX 78723

This is a pretty well known spot with lots of shops and restaurants around. I have taken numerous clients who have told me there are bass in here. It probably does get a lot of fishing pressure though.

Peace Point on Lady Bird Lake

2200 S Lakeshore Blvd, Austin, TX 78741

This is a nice spot on the lower end of Lady Bird Lake. I'm not going to include every single on Lady Bird in this list... there are a lot of public access spots on the lake if you get on Google and do some searching.

Red Bud Isle

3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746

Red Bud Isle is a dog park on the upper end of Lady Bird Lake. The water up here tends to be pretty clear and at times they release water from Tom Miller Dam, creating current. I've caught some pretty big bass up here both from my kayak and from shore.

Barton Creek

2040 Lou Neff Rd, Austin, TX 78746

Have you been to Austin if you haven't been to Barton Creek? This creek is fed by Barton Springs and stays very clear and close to the same water temp most of the year. Not only is this a cool spot to check out right in the heart of downtown Austin, but it holds some big fish! I have seen numerous fish over 10 pounds swimming around here. Be warned though, they're incredibly hard to get to bite.

Slaughter Creek

702 Decker Prairie Dr, Austin, TX 78748

This address should get you close to the parking lot for the trails over here. Its a bit of a hike but not bad. Please practice catch and release if you come here!

Emma Long Park

1600 City Park Rd, Austin, TX 78730

Emma Long Park is a public park operated by the city of Austin parks department. This is a great place for a bbq or picnic while you wet a line. Bass fishing in this area might not be the best as the lake bottom in this area lacks structure. However, if you like targeting carp this is an excellent spot!

Lake Austin Low Water Crossing

14100 Low Water Crossing Rd, Austin, TX 78732

Park at Jessica Hollis Park and walk down to the low water crossing on Lake Austin, just below Mansfield Dam. The water her is almost always crystal clear and cold as it's coming from the bottom of Lake Travis.

Honey Hole Reports

If you have a boat and are doing some research for an upcoming fishing trip, consider checking out one of my Honey Hole Reports. I offer a paid fishing report for Lake Travis and Lake Decker that I update every Thursday at 6:00PM. These reports give you EXACT locations on the lake as well as information about what baits to throw, colors to use, how to work your bait etc.

Additional Fishing Resources

Here are some other resources to point you in the right direction!

Texas Parks and Wildlife also has a publication with some places in and around Austin where you can fish from the bank. During the winter there are also some ponds they stock with Rainbow Trout!

If you are looking for places specific to Lake Travis, I have a very extensive list you should check out! See the link below!

Disclaimer: In the state of Texas most anglers are required to possess a fishing license while fishing. Anglers under the age of 16 do not need one. Make sure you have your license on you when fishing these spots! This is a helpful list to try and make fishing more accessible for everyone. This list does not give you permission to trespass or fish these spots. Please use your own discretion and verify the legality of fishing each spot. Lastly, be a good steward of these spots! Keep them clean and practice catch and release.


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